Programming. Year two.

I can tell you a story. But I’d rather show you.

I’ve learned Java and Android this past year. I can code. Good. But can I build? That’s what makes the difference on that second step. Which foot you lift up first.

I’ve been interviewing for different companies these past few weeks. I was even fortunate enough to travel to another city. Even here, I received an offer. Which was later dismissed. Yesterday I heard a no go, and I’m still waiting on another.

I find these truths to be extremely private things. But here’s why I’m sharing them with you.

*I wont be deterred. (We’re only people.)
*There are things we need to talk about.

Example: Why is fear and anger an issue in contemporary society? As humanity advances, our need to maintain peace among our kind becomes paramount. I find there to be a lack of perspective and respect within many situations and places, within the many cultures of the world. Even my own.

That needs to change.

An article comes to mind when I think about what is the best course of action for a city like New York or any other place, really, where sufficient happenstance occurs that can reach many. Things like war, greed, and intellectual foolishness should be abolished to the point of containment, within the content presented to the public. At the moment it seems to be rampant. Though I suppose we filter through personal relevance. Tech being an important sieve to it’s propagation. I suppose that’s evolutionary progression, but where should we dictate it go?

There has to be a mass psychological sociologically sound solution where information is filtered through the proper channels, one that values more technical meaning and the good common sense for the wellbeing of human mind, spirit, and body than that of greed or profit for the abstract sense of expansion.

Of course this idea might sound impractically vague, but it’s merit is in it’s positive implications.

Work is on basic goals, and the need to make sure they’re met right.

Should the media be biased? Should encryption be public? Let me tell you this; If we sink our own boat we’ll need to learn how to swim, so unless we plan for an even distribution of the content we might not make it.

I’m concerned that I won’t make it. But I’m willing to try. I’m willing to do.

Which brings me to the subject of Data Structures. The next step in learning how to build.

Data structures are a logical progression system which use math and logic paradigms to create a mathematically sound solution, to the predicament of having to figure out; what is the logical truth in an equation where two distinct elements meet.

In other words; 2+2=4.

Building actual computable architecture means knowing what those numbers map to, along with an abstract Idea of what we need to map them for in the first place, and the particular completion that we’re trying to achieve.

Mathematically calculable code.

What’s interesting is that we know that through the observation of an object’s particles, life can influence the outcome of their position. Dynamic variance in superposition leads me to lay credence to the notion of a hyper-graphic universe based on infinitesimal possibilities, and our ability to somehow build it. Where a machine can simulate life-like situations. Much like our brains. We do it every day with the devices we use daily.

My main point being; we know that we can build anything. We know that on some ideological way the matrix of information is real and it can take many shapes. But can we improve it for each one of us? Only by working together.

Can we save every human being from the worst aspects of our own nature? Only by caring for the progression of each individual.

To all of those in power: How do we build the most positive experience in each one of us throughout time? Both physically and technically? It’s not impossible to teach each child in our planet how a machine works. Nor get one in their hands should they choose to explore it’s contents. Nor have peace without technology at all. It’s about reminding ourselves to find balance while providing guidance to ourselves and those around us. We can get there. We can achieve a balance between the vast beauty of our natural world and the one we’ve created. Through the one we’ll create.

It’s about knowing how to dissipate conflict and create a balanced solution that incorporates each element of a situation, eliminating the unnecessary cordially.

It’s humanity we have to protect and nourish. We can do that by educating each one of us, regardless of culture or gender.

I mention this specifically because these are things I’ve thought about, I understand how difficult it can be to keep some of these things in mind.

Ultimately, I believe that although lofty, and almost incredulously idealistic. It’s a realistic goal. Humanity has the means to improve. Each one of us do. That’s something to keep.

Thanks for reading.

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