Do Women Really Want Equality?
Nikita Coulombe

NIKITA: Not so far back in time, within our western civilization (ie. the 60s and not just the 50s and prior centuries) you, if you were there to witness as I was along with my 4 siblings when the average family had 4. children (not kids as they are not goats), would not have to write these enlightened columns. This is how bad off we as a diseased culture have become and why? NIKITA, there’s a simple answer to this … anatomical differences due to hormonal differences that was not created by any human; instead, a Universal force of thee annexation of mind, heart = spirit. High Technologies has replaced this annexation, which is why churches have all but emptied except certain Sundays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. I’m 64, though many say I have the appearance of a 30 year old and behaviour of a fun loving child and you know why? I was blessed in being raised in a town of 6,000 Napanee, Ontario, Canada wherein the word divorce was never mentioned because there was none. That period of time was typical throughout North America and so, it was taken for granted that we men and women would live like our ancestors with lots of children UNTIL, feminism road into The Ponderosa (ie and destroyed chivalry + manhood + especially fathers. I could add more w.r.t. this chaos however, whenever I use the word spelled backwards, ALL of the enlightened University types become that same word spelled forwards IF you catch my drift. So NIKITA, I like most younger males I know are becoming M G T O W. That way, we avoid the grave (literally speaking) risks associated with “hanging out” with a female.

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