Lost Letters

My uncle in the U.K. sent me a letter last fall that has never arrived. The letter contained pictures of my Scottish grandfather who I met three times in my life. I had asked my uncle to write about my grandfather so that I could get to know him better. I also asked my uncle to write about himself, about his mom and dad, siblings and where he had been born in the U.K. My uncle graciously and dutifully set about and completed the task and mailed the letter, which to date has never arrived. Inexplicably and despite the odds and evidence I still have hope that one day I’ll open my mailbox and there will be a battered 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" envelope with a blue airmail sticker.

Last fall and into the winter I received many scam emails from a fake Canada Post account telling me that my parcel had arrived. I didn’t open them. But I thought what if? I finally gave in and called a verified Canada Post telephone number, twice in the past six months, just in case there was some chance that Canada Post really did have my lost package. Both times a kindly helpful young fellow told me in no uncertain terms that Canada Post did not and does not sent out email alerts for package deliveries. I was asked if the letter (small package) was registered, which it wasn’t because it had no monetary value.

So somewhere between England and Canada , at the bottom of a mail bin or fallen behind a sorting desk, my scrunched up letter and pictures lie hidden. The possibility exists that somehow my letter arrived at a wrong address and wasn’t redirected because it looked fat and interesting. Perhaps the wrong recipient was busy, tired and just couldn’t be bothered. Worse, maybe it got gathered up with flyers for the recycle bin and has been shredded and the paper fibers have been refed back into the flow of flyer adverts that float into mailboxes. With this worse case scenario I hope the shredded paper fibres make their way into birthday cards, and Xmas cards, and love letters, and cheery letters from friends and family that trace invisible lines connecting people across sometimes vast distances.



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