UX News From the LB Team #1

Each Friday we have an LB Academy at Lighting Beetle. Among other stuff, we share news from the User Experience Industry. I thought I would forward these here on Medium to give you some inspiration for your UX projects.

The dark side of UX

Juraj shared his thoughts on black/dark patterns.

A Dark Pattern is a user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as buying insurance together with their purchase or signing up for recurring bills.

We agreed that Lighting Beetle is not going to join the dark side.


Non-conventional 404s

Kika brought an interesting example of subtle design. When you run into a non-existing page on Design Sojourn, you will see a blank page, not very usable, to be honest. But the blinking spot at the top right corner makes you wonder what’s behind it. This inspired our team to take sometimes non-conventional approach to page design to drive visitor’s emotions.

Well-designed beerplace UX

Vlado visited a Stupavar bar last week and really enjoyed the great UX he found on the menu. It included the three most important info: what the wifi password is, what the beer offer is and where the bathroom is located.

Kickstarter’s little secret

Peter found a little secret on Kickstarter’s website. See it for yourself.


Katka got excited about an unpronounceable word this week: Psychoacoustics. She talked about the Opus audio codec that eliminates redundant sound waves from recordings. By doing this the overall sound feels more natural and clean.


Perspective seat preview

This cool website makes sure you will be happy about your cinema seat selection. By clicking on the seat the virtual reality flies you to the exact spot perspective to the screen. Very cool.

People differ

Adam shared a UX joke. Sometimes it’s really hard to make everybody happy. But that’s our job.

Hick’s law

I brought Hick’s law to the table. It basically says that increasing the number of choices will increase the decision time logarithmically. Thus if you have a list of 20 options it’s better to show only 10 of them and let the users scroll to others rather then displaying all at once.

Amazon’s Dash button

Slavo shared a video of one of the first IoT gadgets in the B2C segment. We are all very excited about UX in IoT, this could bring a lot of exciting challenges.

Yay, Adobe Comet is coming

We are very excited about the new Adobe Comet which basically looks like Sketch on steroids. This could be a very helpful tool for UX designers allowing us to incorporate animations and transitions at the early stages of design.

We will be coming with more news next week after the academy. Hope you enjoyed it.

Michal Blažej, Business Development
Lighting Beetle

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