How to lose respect? -Part I

Why do they call her “Maata”? So that, she becomes an Indian woman. Mostly meek, corruptible, and forgiving. She is a female, BECAUSE few idiots can overpower few other idiots by selling “her”.

The cataclysm has already begun, a highly motivated businessman is running the “father” country and the “mother” is going through her testing period. You just can’t assume, what’s going to happen. You can doubt and feel powerless or you can give in to the situation and wait. You either suffer or you perish. I did both. I lived, to give an opinion.

Everybody has their way of losing self-respect. Some do it naturally, and some do it because the idea of losing it carries least importance for them. Few days back, SC entrenched “national anthem” on everyone. Although I had no problem with standing for 52 seconds, but standing because a panel wants you to, was a point of disgust for me. Why I had no problem? Because the song in most of its parts depicted the vastness of the country I live in. But it seemed like, I felt the song for the first time. This “no-problem-with-a-little-disgust” turned more radical just last night.

“Bhagya Vidhata” was the buzz word. The entire map was painted in saffron, the faces around me were blue. That’s how it looked like, to me.

India is just a land, don’t blame a land. If this land had a life, it would have by now killed you for polluting and corrupting it. Don’t blame at all. I blame myself that I went for NOTA last time and then I un-blame myself because all the righteous people couldn’t go beyond Twitter to stand for the election.

How to lose respect? : Don’t treat human beings like human beings, deform their will. Just go back and see a mirror. You have successfully lost your respect.

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