Introducing Lightning Hood Game Studio!

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Our Mission

As Bitcoin and Lightning Network enthusiasts, we value both Privacy and Financial Sovereignty as fundamental rights for a free society. Our mission for the Lightning Hood Game Studio is to provide a place for gamers and developers to come build, collaborate and have fun using micro-payments in gaming. We hope LH Game Studio will help to spur new ideas and drive the next wave of gaming in an ever changing world!

Our site curates and categorizes all Lightning based games under one roof so gamers can easily discover new games to play. Users will be able to rate, comment on and chat about the games they love to play.

Each game added to our site will receive its own unique page where details such as the developer and description of the game will be provided along with any images or videos of the game. We even intend to embed twitch streams of gamers who frequently live stream themselves playing each respective game so viewers can easily tune-in. Lastly, we’ve made it so that all games are playable on their respective page within in our site so users can easily experience the amazing games developers are creating.


A big part of our inspiration behind creating this site is fostering a strong gaming community around Bitcoin and Lightning based game projects. We feel that Twitch is a big part of making that happen and we are looking to highlight and feature Twitch streamers who love to play Lightning based games. If you are a Twitch streamer please contact us via twitter (@GamestudioLh) or email ( we would love to add your stream to our dedicated Twitch page.

Developer Partnerships

Another major focus for us with the creation of this website is to build relationships with developers in the community. We are actively looking for developers we can work with and collaborate with on new Lightning based games, as well as provide support services such as marketing and advertising and hosting services. Please contact us via twitter (@GamestudioLh) or email ( we would love to chat with you about how we can work together.

Store (Coming Soon)

We plan to launch a store in the near future where we plan on selling Lightning vouchers for people who want to play games on our site. We are also exploring the possibility of selling games or access codes to games directly on our site to customers. We are also open to working with game developers that want to create merchandise for their games and sell it through our site.

Connect With Us

For any questions or inquires don’t hesitate to reach out. We hope you’ll enjoy getting your game on at

Twitter (@GamestudioLh) | Email (