Introducing LightningHood!

Our Mission

LightningHood is a website dedicated towards helping expand upon the ingenuity of sound money through technology. We want to help provide access to Bitcoin and Lightning Network resources, nodes, developers, Lapps and many other opportunities yet to be thought of.

Lightning Spotlight

On our website we will feature promising projects being built to support the Lightning Network each month to spread awareness and recognize the amazing people working to support the network. In our first spotlight we would like to highlight Pierre Rochard’s work with the Lightning Power Node Launcher and Will O’Beirne’s project Joule.

Developer Spotlight

In addition to the Lightning Spotlight we will also have a Developer Spotlight each month to recognize teams for their outstanding contributions to both Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Our first projects to be included in the spotlight are Samourai and BTCPay. Donation addresses have been added for each project for anyone who wants to help aid the teams in their development.

Lightning and Bitcoin Resources

On our website you will find an extensive list of resources covering all things about the Lightning Network as well as Bitcoin. All of our resources have been categorized for your benefit so you can find exactly what you’re looking for or discover something new in seconds. Our list of resources will be updated as new developments are made. Check it out! Go here for Lightning resources and here for Bitcoin resources.

Shop or Donate With Lightning

Learn about some of the most interesting Bitcoin related products currently out on the market and where you can buy those items. If you like our page and want to support us or just want to experiment with Lightning payments you can make a donation to us using Lightning.


Our site features a Y’alls style blog where we plan to post content related to the ongoing developments surrounding the Lightning Network and Bitcoin. Viewers that would like to read the full extent of our post will be able to make a micro transaction using the Lightning Network to gain full access.

Connect With Us

Follow us on Twitter @lightning_hood and join our Telegram channel here if you’re just as passionate about Lightning and Bitcoin as we are. We hope you’ll sincerely enjoy our website and don’t forget to connect with our Lightning Nodes!