Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up for the Week Starting 3/18/19

Newly Added Items on Lightning Hood

1.) Bitnob is a service allowing individuals to redeem vouchers and have Bitcoin instantly deposited into their bitcoin wallets

2.) LuckyThunder is a slot-machine built on top of the Lightning Network

3.) LightningJP launches Lightning Board

Lightning Network News and Good Reads from the Week

1.) A description of how Bakkt and Eris X differ according to their executives

2.) Nicolas Dorier provides the case for why Neutrino is dangerous for self sovereignty

3.) Blockstream announces Blockstream Green, a full redesign & update to the GreenAddress apps, Green provides 2-of-2 multisig security, hardware wallet support, 2-factor authentication, & many other features

4.) CasaHODL introduces radio wave-screening “Faraday bags” as the ultimate cypherpunk accessory for bitcoin hardware wallets

5.) Lightning Labs announces Lightning Loop Alpha: An Easier Way to Receive on Lightning

6.) Jack Dorsey announces that Square is hiring 3–4 crypto engineers to work full-time on open source contributions to the bitcoin/crypto ecosystem.

7.) The much-anticipated crypto platform Bakkt has been delayed due to concerns from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission over plans to store customers’ Bitcoin from its Bitcoin futures exchange

8.) Avnet has become the latest major enterprise to begin accepting payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. The company announced that it will allow customers to pay for goods and services using bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Crypto payment processor BitPay will facilitate the transactions

9.) An Israeli court ruled that banks can’t enforce a blanket ban against all accounts linked to cryptocurrency. Instead, banks need to consider the specific type and scope of crypto-related activity before determining whether or not to open an account

Lightning Hood’s Selection for Meme of the Week

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