Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up for the Week Starting 3/4/19

Newly Added Items on Lightning Hood

1.) SatoshiTweet allows individuals to use lightning to tweet anonymously, each character costs 50 satoshis

2.) Pseudozach launches Balnr, a lightning channel balancer

3.) Pebble is a bitcoin lightning network wallet with a focus on privacy and self sovereignty. Pebble will feature a built in lightning node with client side filtering via neutrino and is powered by the LND lightning implementation

4.) LN Wallet is a custodial online lightning wallet solution with an API for merchants

Lightning Network News and Good Reads from the Week

1.) The Lightning Network Trust Chain torch travels from Iran to Israel

2.) Bolt-A-Thon is the world’s first virtual Lightning Network conference and hackathon

3.) Coinbase reacts to the #DeleteCoinbase movement by parting ways with several employees from Neutrino

4.) BlockFi announces the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency-based savings account. This account will allow users to deposit Bitcoin and Ethereum and earn a 6% annual interest rate

5.) New details about Starbuck’s partnership with Bakkt suggest that it will accept Bitcoin-based payments after an equity deal

6.) People are using Blockstream’s Satellites and to send all kinds of messages into space utilizing the Lightning Network

7.) Jack Mallers and the Zap team introduce a new widget for their mobile app the quotes the relative value of a satoshi to 1 penny

8.) Blockstream launches an update to their block explorer with new features such as privacy heuristics, segwit fee gains and unconfirmed txs estimates

9.) Nopara73 writes a fantastic article about the importance of controlling the keys to your coins and privacy in Bitcoin

10.) The Lightning Hood team is proud to launch Lightning Hood Game Studio, the Lightning version of Miniclip games

Lightning Hood’s Selection for Meme of the Week

If there are any other major news events or items we may have missed from the week please let us know! You can reach us on twitter @lightning_hood

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