Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up for the Week Starting 4/15/19

Lightning Network News and Good Reads from the Week

1.) National Assembly of France adopted a bill that is designed to stimulate local business development, including redirecting savings from individuals to businesses

2.) The 18th major version of the cryptocurrency’s most widely used software, the code will finally, natively allow users to connect bitcoin full nodes to hardware wallets

3.) Version 0.7.4 of Coldcard’s Python library and command line tool brings a host of new features

4.) Bitcoin Magazine launches a new Podcast

5.) A message broadcasted via Satellite details a new treasure hunt for $1,000,000 in Bitcoin

6.) Gemini is now the largest exchange to support segregated witness addresses for Bitcoin and transaction batching

7.) Casa details how the company collects as little data on its customers as possible, and offers ways for other companies to follow our lead

8.) Lightning Labs released v0.6 of LND that adds support for Static Channel Backups among other features

9.) The first whirlpool transaction from Samourai wallet hit mainnet

10.) Dr. Ayo Akinyele creator of Bolt Labs aims to give lightning hubs shielded addresses for anonymous payment channels. The startup is launching with a $1.5 million seed round led by Dekrypt Capital and support from Ripple’s investment arm, Xpring, plus Lemniscap and Access Ventures

11.) Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance will launch its new fiat-to-crypto platform in Singapore next week

12.) RSK Smart Contracts are now supported on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. The RSK Smart Contract Network is an open-source platform that seeks to extend the functionality of Bitcoin using smart contracts and the Azure Marketplace is an app store for Microsoft’s cloud computing service

13.) PR14121 just got merged into Bitcoin Core, which is a basis for Neutrino

14.) The Casa team announces support for Tor on the Casa Node

15.) Rakuten, a Japan-based online retailer has begun accepting registrations for its new bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange

16.) Bull Bitcoin announces that they’ve added gift cards that can be purchased with Bitcoin

Newly Added Items on Lightning Hood

1.) Nik Bhatia publishes Time Value and LNRR series for the first time as one single published piece

2.) The Lightning Hood team is excited to offer a NEW product in our store, a Custom Bitcoin Don’t Trust — Verify Silicone Wrist Band!

3.) An outstanding piece by Pierre Rochard on the buyer’s of last resort for Bitcoin

Lightning Hood’s Selection for Meme of the Week

If there are any other major news events or items we may have missed from the week please let us know! You can reach us on twitter @lightning_hood

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