Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up for the Week Starting 4/22/19

Lightning Network News and Good Reads from the Week

1.) Cryptocurrency derivatives provider LedgerX plans to become the first U.S. firm to offer physically settled bitcoin futures contracts

2.) The Casa team announces that they will only be focusing on Bitcoin and Lightning only

3.) According to a Reddit post, an attorney in the ongoing Mt. Gox rehabilitation case has alerted former users who didn’t voluntarily apply for reimbursement that they will also receive compensation for lost funds

4.) Crypto exchange Coinbase is scrapping its efforts to build a new matching engine, laying off nearly 30 engineers in its year-old Chicago office. The firm will instead focus on bolstering its existing matching engine from its San Francisco base

5.) Lightning Labs Lightning app goes live on Bitcoin mainnet. The desktop alpha version features Neutrino, Autopilot, and a Lightning user experience that puts users in control and privacy first

6.) FinalMessage is a project by at1x and Matt Odell that allows you to automate a message to a loved one, trusted friend, or business partner that is only sent if you stop responding

7.) Wasabi wallet gets updated to v. 1.1.4 with a hosts of new features and improvements

8.) The largest CoinJoin in the history of Bitcoin occurred this week with 93 participants

9.) Coldcard updates their software to v. 2.0.3 with transaction signing speed improved by about 3X and a warning feature if the miner’s fee is over 5% of txn amount

10.) Samsung has invested 2.6 million euros ($2.9 million) into crypto wallet manufacturer Ledger. The investment gives the France-based startup a nearly $290 million valuation. The news came shortly after CoinDesk Korea reported that Samsung is developing a blockchain platform and native digital asset of its own

11.) Spencer Bogart outlines how the Bitcoin stack is a set of building blocks that can be assembled in unique ways to deliver novel and compelling functionality

12.) Gab has forked brave browser, replaced BAT with bitcoin and added a free speech comments section on every webpage

13.) New release of Electrum Personal Server is now out, which includes a binary release for Windows so users don’t need to install python or anything else

14.) The first bitcoin ATM in the Islamic Republic of Iran was revealed at the 12th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank and Insurance in Tehran

15.) Coinme has announced that its partnership with Coinstar is paying out major dividends, allowing them to continue expanding their goals to make bitcoin kiosks a commonplace sight in the United States

Newly Added Items on Lightning Hood

1.) Carlos Roldan has created a Lightning Network simulator tool as part of his university dissertation

2.) Softcrypt0 launches his first LAPP, which was inspired by Yalls and Steemit

3.) StartNode R&D is a research and development group for stakeholders including investment funds, exchanges, custodians, and others in the bitcoin ecosystem. StartNode guides experimentation with running and testing full nodes, as well as new frontiers such as Lightning Network

4.) Spendl lets you pay with Lightning BTC or on chain at any online store

5.) Get access to a docker container with root privileges, 200MB RAM, 0.5 CPUs and up to 200MBit/s network connection for 42sat/h payable using bitcoin’s lightning network

6.) Paywall Link allows you to monetize literally anything. Users can create a link to a private blog, YouTube video or digital download that requires a Lightning payment to open it

Lightning Hood’s Selection for Meme of the Week

If there are any other major news events or items we may have missed from the week please let us know! You can reach us on twitter @lightning_hood

See you guys next week! Click Here for the Lightning Resources Page

As Bitcoin and Lightning Network enthusiasts, we value Privacy and Financial Sovereignty as fundamental rights for a free society.

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