Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up for the Week Starting 4/8/19

Lightning Network News and Good Reads from the Week

1.) Software for the plug-n-play lightning node the Nodl has been updated to v0.0.6. It brings tor v3 hidden service support for lnd and the much requested Electrum Personal Server

2.) The team at Trezor is working on adding support for coinjoin / Wasabi

3.) Sparkswap has announced the public beta launch of their own non-custodial exchange powered by Lightning. This initial public launch will allow users to trade bitcoin and litecoin

4.) The team at COLDCARD announces that they are working on multi-sig support in their next firmware release

5.) Breez has announces that its mobile Lightning wallet is available in open beta. The Breez wallet is Lightning only and uses Submarine Swaps to provide a simple user interface without requiring users to manage another bitcoin wallet inside Breez

6.) Brian Curran takes a deep dive inside Blockstream and their products and services

7.) The Bitcoin Rabbi publishes his new book, “Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money.” It answers the question for both young and old in simple words and beautiful illustrations: “Why Bitcoin?”

8.) The Bitcoin Times is a newly created site to help readers cut through the crap and fake news surrounding Bitcoin

9.) Bitrefill announces integration with Breez wallet that allows users to shop for over hundreds of giftcards instantly

10.) Cashaa is on a mission to bank the unbanked and wants to leverage Bitcoin to accomplish it. Cashaa is a full banking product which can be used as a multisig wallet, payment gateway and exchange, with a full U.K.-based current account with MasterCard

11.) Lawmakers are making a fresh attempt to give cryptocurrencies a clearer legal standing in the U.S. Warren Davidson reintroduced the Token Taxonomy Act on Tuesday, which would exempt certain crypto tokens from securities laws and provide a clearer definition of digital tokens

12.) Crypto wallet provider has partnered with U.S. financial service company Western Union to enhance cross-border transfers to the Philippines. The partnership will grant over 5 million users access to both local and international payments transferred into their digital asset wallets

13.) The last version of take the torch online was published this week as the torch has reached its final destination 83 days, 56 countries, and 293 passes later

14.) The team at Rise wallet launches redeemable bitcoin gift cards that are non-custodial and redeemable to the user’s wallet of choice

Newly Added Items on Lightning Hood

1.) Jogoc launches Lightning Lotto

2.) Bolt-A-Thon is the world’s first online Lightning Network conference and hackathon

Lightning Hood’s Selection for Meme of the Week

This week we stand with our brother Hodlonaut who has been threatened with a lawsuit from Craig Wright (a.k.a Faketoshi) Support him by donating to his Legal Fund at #weareallhodlonaut

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