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Sure, Jose, “we” do have to expand our notions of what a female body is, but to DO that, we need to be dealing with a female body, do we not? THAT is what the hormone treatments are for, is to bring one’s body into at least rough agreement with one’s brain-gender.

We can’t “expand” the concept of a female body so much that we try to see MALE bodies AS female bodies…

The key insight here, is that the person herself decides what sort of body she wants, based on her already-gender as manifested in her brain. It is a private process of making it all fit. Considerations from outside matter not at all to that dynamic. This makes your “question” pretty much meaningless.

You need to let people say what they mean, rather than expecting them all to use dictionaries and focus groups to decide what to say. There is such a thing as normal speech and normal meanings.

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