Bitfury Brings Lightning Network Payments to Paytomat

Lightning Peach
3 min readNov 29, 2018

Moving cryptocurrency closer to everyday use, the Bitfury Group announced today they have partnered with Paytomat, a blockchain-based payment processing system, to bring Lightning Network payments to Paytomat’s digital wallet and merchant app.

The partnership will enable users and merchants on the Paytomat system to send and receive bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network almost instantly. The Lightning Network is an open-source network that layers on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain, allowing users to quickly and efficiently send payments that still benefit from the security of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The technical implementation of the system will be completed by Bitfury’s in-house specialized Lightning Network engineering team, LightningPeach.

“The launch of the Lightning Network allows consumers around the world to use cryptocurrencies to make everyday purchases,” said Pavel Prikhodko, head of LightningPeach. “Through partnerships like Paytomat, we are one step closer to making every point of service terminal cryptocurrency-friendly and Lightning Network-enabled.”

“Businesses are willing to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and crypto-enthusiast are willing to pay using it. We’ll give an opportunity to do it both of them. But with the Bitfury partnership and implementing of the Lightning Network to our ecosystem, this opportunity become really quick and efficient,” said Yurii Olentir, Paytomat Founder and CEO. “We’re happy to develop the future of crypto-market together making the fast crypto-payments real.”


Bitfury’s LightningPeach & Paytomat: Paying for Coffee with the Lightning Network

Bitfury’s LightningPeach & Paytomat: Using the Lightning Network in Restaurants

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