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In the last few days, we have received questions about our new Lightning Network product suite, including our Peach Wallet and Peach Public Node. We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify how the Peach Wallet and the Peach Public Node work, and what data we do and do not have access to. We are also clarifying this language in our privacy policy and in our mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We do not ask for your name, email address, phone number, or country of residence to use the Peach Wallet or Peach Public Node.

For the Peach wallet to operate, we are required to collect your IP address and your Lightning id (aka your public key). Your IP address and Lightning_id is only kept for the duration of one session while your wallet is online. The IP address and Lightning_id are required to route streaming payments, and payments via Lightning_id that are initiated by the sender without a corresponding recipient payment request. If we didn’t capture this information, it would be impossible to process the payment.

Transaction information (sender, amount, receiver) is transmitted from your wallet to the server when a streaming payment or a payment through lightning_id is initiated, but it is not stored. The server is only used to route messages between wallet users if there is no payment request from the recipient. If the recipient does send a payment request, the server does not participate in this exchange at all and the information is not shared with the server.

At no point does Lightning Peach have access to your private keys or any other private personal information. Lightning Peach does not store the transaction amount, its origin, its destination, or any other related information when you are using the Peach Wallet.

If you use the Peach Public Node to complete a Lightning Network transaction, we do collect information about the amount of the transaction — this is necessary for the node to receive and route your payment and is standard across all Lightning Network nodes.

If you use the Peach Public Node to complete a Lightning Network transaction via our API (or by using one of the Peach partners), we do collect data regarding amount of the transaction (we do not know its origin, only the channel the money came from) and its destination.

By using the Service, you may elect to provide us with anonymized usage statistics to help us improve our user experience. This is optional and not required for use of the Peach Wallet or the Peach Public Node. We collect these anonymized usage statistics via Google Analytics and Firebase to understand how users interact with our website and wallet. It is impossible to track any data collected back to individual users. The data is currently stored for two years with Google.

We do not use any of this data for any purpose other than the operation of the Peach Wallet and the Peach Public Node without your consent. Accordingly, none of the information listed above is shared, for example, with Bitfury’s Crystal™ public blockchain analytics software division.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at privacy@lightningpeach.com.

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LightningPeach is Bitfury’s engineering team for the Lightning Network.

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