Lightnin’ Rambles #1

Shout out to Gary Vaynerchuk for inspiring me to double down in August. I’ve been working exceptionally hard, but a lot of it has been “behind the scenes.”

After reaching out to a few local blogs / magazines I stalled on pushing my new Heart’s On Fire single the past couple weeks. I believe something is supposed to come out on Creative Loafing, but I’m not sure about the time table.

The main reason I stalled on the blog promotion front is because I’ve been working on getting my chops up on the web development front and completing some coding projects that have been open for a long time.

One of those coding project involved leveraging similar musical act’s fanbases on Twitter. The marketer in me figured if you were a fan of Gary Clarke Jr. or Alabama Shakes you’d be into my music. I made this assumption back in Velvet Sky days. From what I remember both of those groups had a popularity explosion around that same time.

I don’t know how long ago it was at this point, probably 3–4 years ago at this point but I remember watching the 2nd Crossroads Guitar Fest video on Netflix when the Gary Clarke Jr. song came on I had a visceral reaction like “OK, I’m at least as good as that guy.”

I saw him in concert at the Tabernacle in Oct, 2013. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Anyway, I sat outside and played slide guitar trying to get a free ticket and I got one and watched the show. I didn’t plan on drinking, but c’mon, once the music starts it’s tough. I went and got a beer, which turned into like… uhhh several beers and a shot or two.

Busking my way into the Gary Clarke Jr. show at the Tabernacle, Oct 2013

I wanted to let the buzz wear off before driving home, so I ended up hanging out with 10–15 die hard fans out back waiting to get autographs. I ended up getting my ticket signed by Gary. I’ve looked for it a few times since then and I can’t find it anywhere. Anyway, he’s great and it was a fun night, but it affirmed my notion that I was on that level musicianship/singing wise.

A similar feeling of “Hey, that’s like me” hit me when I heard the Alabama Shakes for the first time. The song was “Hold On” which is a great tune, and again I felt that rare feeling of hearing music that was in my wheelhouse that was contemporary and popular and gave me a momentary glimpse of hope maybe a larger audience would find my music appealing.

Blah blah blah.

Soooo… through the magic of programming, I’m close to getting my master list of potential Twitter contacts together. I actually did a “test” run of this a little over a year ago when I was touring with Gringo Star and playing shows with The Relationship (Brain Bell’s from Weezer’s group) I ripped a bunch of Weezer’s fans and tried to reach out to them when we were in their town. My approach was a little “spammy” and Twitter started blocking my tweets.

I sat on that code for a year and finally revisited about a week ago, streamlined it a little and now that I have some new material out that deserves some promotion I’m going to reboot Operation Honey Bunny.

A much shorter version of this post started:

My goal is to put out a blog post a week. I’m not going to get one out this week. Although this is turning into a ramble that might qualify ;)

So, welcome to the Lightnin’ Rambles series post #1.

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