Trump is a Psychopath!!!
David Caracciolo

My first reaction to the headline was “Duh! That’s like saying, Chewbacca is a Wookie; or the Hulk is strong.” But then I started reading the article, and I was impressed by the amount of work you put into it. It must’ve taken a lot of time to find all this stuff and paste it into one article. Well done!

I’m not too sure about Trump being highly intelligent. Of course, he thinks so, but psycho’s are narcissists, so he would say that. I think he shows a certain intelligence in manipulating people into voting for him and liking him, but it’s a “the Force can have a strong influence on the weak minded” kinda deal… Trump’s intelligence only works on the weak minded. Or to put it another way, he only appears intelligent, compared to the dummies who voted for him. At a Trump rally, he’s certainly the smartest dummy in the room… but that’s not quite the same as being intelligent.

I’ve no doubt he scores strongly on the other 9 criteria, though. 9 out of 10 makes him certifiable, as far as I’m concerned. And he would be certified, if he took that test!