Reminder that Steven Universe tried and failed to use an ice cream sandwich shaped like a cat to summon his Gem powers.

They grow up so fast.

/Side note: I really appreciate the pace that the writers use for the improvement of Steven’s abilities .

In a lot of stories with fantasy combat the main character’s power arc goes from being normal -> having crazy unharnessed power -> Woah that’s impossible -> Woah that’s even more impossible -> rinse and repeat forever. (I’m looking at you, BLEACH)

Instead, in Steven Universe, he gradually discovers his powers, can’t control them immediately, doesn’t learn to use them quickly, loses powers, spends a lot of time confused, and is almost always the weakest fighter.Steven struggling like this really makes it feel real and I’m a lot more emotionally invested when he is successful. His individual struggle emphasizes the importance of the group working together rather than the power of any individual in the Crystal Gems .