Dare of the day!

Intentionally look for people you trust. Just look at people everywhere you go and ask yourself “do I trust this person?” Just be aware.

We are be SO oblivious to our surroundings that we subconciously interact with people, or we ignore them all together. Intentionality is beautiful and extremely powerful. Try walking into a room and actively search for people who appear trustworthy.


Trust is at the core of purposeful and authentic relationships. The Greek word for trust is pístis and it directly translates to Persuasion. We understand and desire the value of persuaion but we undervalue what it REALLY is — it’s undeniable deep trust. Persuasion is a byproduct of an authentic safety people feel around us.

Predictions after this dare!

  1. You will be shocked at how few people “seem trustworthy.” Unfortunately, people want stuff and have agendas. Your gut instinct is often right so recognize it. Seek honest people and you will find them.
  2. You will appear more trustworthy. In the process of looking for safe people, you will probably seem more safe yourself (unless you’re a total dud).
  3. Something cool will happen. You’ll meet someone you can help, you’ll make a new best friend, you’ll find a hot date.

Make someone’s day,