7 Reasons why Tel Aviv is the coolest city

Everyone is either immigrating, getting married or making Alilah to the hot city in the Holy Land….I’ve only been here for a few weeks but these are some reasons I find it sweet and special.

1. Every Tuesday night hundreds of skaters take over the city streets

Don’t worry they are all wearing neon or reflectors and have gotten permission from police officers to shut down certain streets from normal traffic.

They all meet at Habima Square at 10PM and take over…if you don’t have rollerblades, just join them for a sprint or get ahold of a bike.

2. Cool coffee shops lay on every corner and between them are stroll-worthy, tree-paved, bicycle-inviting pathways.

3. Parks parks parks and beach beach beach

Photo taken by the lovely and talented cinematographer Valerie Varghese
making friends by the lily pond
sunsets on frishman beach — breathtaking

4. The food is just as diverse as the people and you can find anything you’re looking for…from smoothie shops on every block to janky Mexican food restaurants.

You can walk the entire city in a day and experience an asoundingly unique and varying community, food, and city life. From shooks in south Tel Aviv, to artsy Florentine, to boushy Rothschild avenue.

Acai Bowls at Tamar Smoothie shop on Dizengoff
Mezcal Tequila Bar in Florintine, Tel Aviv
The shook where locals get fresh fruit & veggies

5. Bar Mitzvah’s happen casually and often at your local park….if you happen to be playing guitar you might end up a part of the party.

6. Graffiti is beautiful, terrifying, political and hilarious depending on the street

And my personal favorite part of the city…..

7. The People. Friendly, outspoken, generally politically aware, diverse and passionate.

Gili is an Israeli native living in Tel Aviv talking about the conflict with Palestine.

“I believe empathy is the Golden Rule. Peace will only be found at the gates of global empathy.

“Israel is not afraid. I was a little nervous….” (speaking about his experience on the front lines in the Gaza attack last summer).

— Raphael

p.s his shirt says nerds are cool


“Israelis have an opinion about everything….I wouldn’t ask if I were you or you’ll be late to wherever you’re going…” — Stella

There you have it. I’ve only been here a month and it’s been quite and adventure. I am grateful to get to know this great city!

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