Fireflies Thirsty for a Miracle

C razy day at Asuza now 2016—the massive revival event in the LA collosium. It was an honor to cover and my faith is personally so encouraged by the mass of people seeking God. I pray ultimately that those who went found what their soul was seeking.

I’ve been staring at a blank screen because it’s been extremely difficult to write about. Asuza was grippingly emotional. People came from all over the world to visit, to see miracles, to be healed…There were 100,000 people gathered to worship and seek the presence of the LORD. Everyone came with a story and a deep hope to experience divinity. Many did. Many did not. But there was this unique faith in the atmosphere that was inspiring.

Here’s a quick video recap :)

My biggest takeaway from the whole day was faith. This substance makes humanity beautiful. It brings hope to tomorrow and purpose for today and like all things — it’s also a choice not just an emotion.

I love faith.

It’s our own personal lantern that guides us. We all have it yet sometimes we let the oil run dry. We all desperately seek it yet are oddly scared of it. What if this deep belief is void? What if those prayers are just us talking to ourselves? Faith is magnificent and terrifing. Yet it’s in the heart of faith that miracles happen.

“Now faith is the confidence that we shall receive the things for which we hope, the proof of the reality of things we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


because this is vulnerable and scary and a practice of faith

for the church

  • forgive us for being so judgmental, bitter and ignorant
  • remove the routine and worship in freedom
  • more unity, less division. sometimes we pray to the same God using different names

for the world

  • don’t give up on God
  • forgive the christians — they’re just people. people are messy
  • listen to the voice in your gut, keep seeking truth

for myself

  • love the people different than me
  • be bold-er. stop letting other people define me
  • be grateful for what I have right now

thanks for reading/watching, I hope wherever you are you’re faith is encouraged too.

— self declared undercover journalist — erin :)

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