Will the seasons of life after college be defined by occupation or location?

Chapter 1: Israel

Prayer written in my journal on the plane

May I never loose the wonder of travel

The rumble of the plan, only place where you can literally chase a sunset that you’ve missed and watch it basically in reverse. Thank you Lord for another adventure. I could cry I’m so grateful and excited. These two months are yours. My heart is satisfied, ready to serve, eager to learn more about the kliediscope of your cultural colors, hopeful for opportunities to grow, praying to enjoy the moment and sure of myself (rare).

This is where you have me and where you want me. Dismiss fear from my soul and coat me with favor. Use my hands to love your people. Working for Jaffa Institute Yarden school for impoverished children and reeeeally excited. Living in Tel Aviv…exploring around and expecting visits from parents, Kevan and Safeena.

Thank you Jesus

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