Come See Our New Space Cohort!

Come See Our New Space Cohort:

We just completed the Kickoff Weekend (akin to a Startup Weekend) for the 2017–01 Space Cohort. We received over 80 applications, reviewed first pass over 50, then buckled down to get to know 30 companies, of which the following have been selected. Thanks to the USAF contingent for jumping in to help with the process, provide the USAF perspective, and recruit USAF mentors. Our journey will reveal where government customers and private enterprise can come together to accelerate innovation; it will also reveal where incentives may not be directly aligned, as the process has already, which can only help us iterate and negotiate approaches that will support dual use constructs even more strongly.

We invite you to be a part of our conversation. We aim to be transparent with the process (so long as we find the time to write down our thoughts), and plan to use Medium for dialogue.

Below are the companies that were selected:

1 LumenoraAR for space, aviation based maintenance & repair

2 Intelligent SpaceMachine Learning directed at in-orbit services servicing the GEOCOMM segment

3 Orbital Sidekicksmall sat constellation of hyper-spectral capability

4 VisidusSpace Situational awareness with SAR

5 Red Works3D printing of buildings for harsh, remote environments

6 Chandah Space Techin orbit services for space based management of assets

7 Saber AstronauticsReinventing mission software

8 KoolockAdvanced Environmental Analytics leveraging IR data from space

9 ASTRASpace weather and data for Gov’t and Private Markets

We are also seeing different technologies for nano-thrusters, dedicated small satellite launch, various autonomous and robotic technologies for in-orbit services — debris removal, satellite repair, even self-assembling structures (for eventual Mars habitation).