How to approach your hardware project

Costs of creating hardware products is way higher than software. How to check whether your idea will be a great market success?

This is how we armed our Client with important insights and knowledge how to proceed with their project.

The Lullight team after talks with numerous young parents decided to verify their idea for an interesting product for them — an smart nursery lamp that lets you control its brightness and color with smartphone app and helps take care of your children during the night. It should be distinguishable thanks to unique design and do-it-yourself origami lampshades that you could fold in different shapes — a crane, a boat or a castle.


Hardware manufacturing is a long and costly process. You need to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to make the first batch. That is why it is especially important to know for certain that you are creating the right product and that there will be market demand and sufficient sales.


In order to asses the product demand and the chances of success on Kickstarter we’ve conducted a research that would give us a more complete picture:

  • Desk research on previous Kickstarter campaigns, available substitutes etc. We’ve investigated dozens of similar projects, their duration and raised funds. We’ve also researched the market size and other already available products.
  • Landing page tests. We’ve designed a number of landing pages with different value propositions and images. We’ve set up web analytics and brought traffic using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. We’ve investigated visitor behavior and tested the reactions.
  • Designing and conducting a survey. Flame designed a series of questions that were sent to a group of mothers, living in the USA and having at least one child age 1–5. Thanks to the survey results the team was able to find whether the problems that Lullight solves are important for the target demographics, what features they need, what should be the price and more.

Thanks to our research Lullight team was armed with important insights and knowledge how to proceed with their projects. The team has saved a lot of money and avoided many potentially costly mistakes.

Word from Lullight project leader, Dominika Rogala:

The team was great to work with and helped us perform the research, validate our ideas quickly and make the decision about the project.

We are flame. We help good ideas grow. Challenge us!

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