#1 Stories : Volunteer for Meaning

Vivek with his students

Volunteering for Vivek is a way to create a meaningful life. Having witnessed financial challenges as a child, he can empathise with kids who are struggling with them. While his family, eventually, recovered from their crisis, he considers it a purpose to help the unfortunate ones.

I look at life from a long-term view. Here, I am affecting the well-being of these kids. Personally, that is rewarding for me.

Vivek has been volunteering at Sai Ashrayadham, in Belathur near Bangalore. In the ashram, the kids come from marginalised families around the Bangalore city. Since Aug 2017, Vivek has been visiting the ashram every weekend and helping out kids with English and Maths.

He also discussed the several challenges involved in teaching as a volunteer which included language barriers, trust issues, time management, etc.

One of the problems in teaching in an unorganised setting is that kids are, in reality, are often not at their classroom levels. The first step must be to assess the actual knowledge level of your students and start from there. Also, there are language barriers. Some of the kids could only speak Kanadda when we began. Most of our communication happened through images and gestures.

Vivek wishes to build a parallel career in social impact. He is currently looking for ways in which he can merge his interest in Technology with social good.

I am inclined towards the Buddhist ideals of work. In addition to financial benefits, work has to provide intellectual satisfaction as well as social impact. Thank god, I do not have to seek everything one job.

To find volunteering opportunities near you, visit http://www.lightthemap.org/