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The Perfectio LED Device is a product of light skin care therapy. This new sort of therapy that’s been popping up all over the place seems interesting, but more like magic than anything else to most, including myself. Although the science behind it is amazing! From what I have heard, the light is supposed to kill certain bacteria that causes your skin to look dry and cracky.The other lights that are used, since most products use more than one is supposed to stimulate your cells to cause regrowth and make wrinkles disappear in a few weeks’ time! This sort of thing always amazed me, especially when people decided to put it to the test and apply it to your face with handheld tools instead of those trips to expensive body care places. Quick Navigation Perfectio zero gravity reviewAccessoriesDoes Perfectio Zero Gravity work?​Cons​ of Perfectio zero gravityConlusion​ Perfectio zero gravity reviews Check The Price ​Tools like this are going to be really helpful, cause they’re the cost of about three trips to those salons but you can use it whenever you want! The Zero Gravity Perfectio seems like the type of product to definitely save you the time, money, and annoying appointments that those salons offer. It could really become a part of your daily routine, and make you feel much cuter for it!​For this type of hand-held light therapy, you usually want something portable as the light therapy can take a while to show results and forget one day can lead to someone forgetting to do it for a few days at a time and lengthening the amount of time you need to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and making your skin appear smoother and cuter​Handheld is also something I like to see in my own products, as it helps people get into hard to reach crevices on their faces because not all face shapes are the same. Face mask lights get the vast majority of the face, but they miss a lot of the little areas some people have like those bit of skin by my nose I have that not everyone does, which make Face Masks almost obsolete for me. Making a product better for me though is long battery life, batteries in general, easy to use design, and warranty Video via zerogravityskinAccessories​When you order the Perfectio Zero Gravity you can expect the actual device itself, a base to hold it up off the counter while simultaneously charging it to reduce the used up counter space in your bathroom and keep your beauty area clean! Though the power cord may be a slight problem, keeping it rolled up should fix that immediately!​The best part about not needing batteries is that the product never turns off randomly in the middle of a light therapy session. The user manual to explain the inner working of the product and what each button does, of course, helping the customer to fully understand the product they have.​The last item you’ll find within your box is the […]

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