A One-sided Story

There are consequences associated with televising and broadcasting a one-sided story for viewers. Different forms of negative and falsified media outlets give rise to various stereotypical biases which rob people (or groups) of their dignity. It always matters how a story is told, who it is told by, when it is told, and the number of times it’s been repeated.
A perfect example of this error in storytelling is associating ISIS with Muslims. ISIS is an independent group solely responsible for their actions, not an entire race. ISIS inflicts violence and brutal acts on innocent people including Muslims. Shouldn’t the Muslim community be exempt from tyrant acts performed by this group if they were indeed linked? I am pretty sure they would be. So please explain how they are a representation of the Muslim Community? The Muslim community are in fact victims of ISIS who are also suffering and enduring immeasurable physical and emotional trauma.
So why is it then that other homo sapiens, our own breed, continue to suffer from stigma, obnoxious labels, racism and discrimination?Are we doing something wrong?
I think tactics to “grasp a readers attention” are getting out of hand because some of our parents and grandparents genuinely believe these stories.
Is it really freedom if you’re restricted from openly communicating your views through powerful platforms? Is it really freedom when your opinions are edited? I think not. Freedom is deceptive in contemporary time.