Light Trail Rush Game Updates & Partnership with Matic

State of The Game

We are very pleased to launch the Light Trail Rush new build on 12th March 2020.

The new version will still be free on Steam and offers all the goodness we leveraged using the engine Unity HDRP.

All actions will feature VFX providing a more immersive experience.

The new User Interface will give better feedback to players engaged in a fast-paced game where every split second counts, for any decision-making.

We polished the garage, it’s looking good with more depth and light effects.

Players will get a whole new experience at the end of the game (MVP system, Personal stats)

We have also added features such as game XP and personal levelling.

Light Trail Rush unique gameplay

Light Trail Rush is set in a retro-futuristic space backdrop where the lead pilot, dubbed the “Tracer” gets to design the track as he/she goes (3D commands).

In this multiplayer (up to 8), the rest of the pack “Chasers” will use all the power-ups to engage in a fierce brawl, attempting to score maximum points.

There is no finish line: the first to reach the set score is the winner.

The beauty of this approach is each track is unique, with the Tracer in control of the action.

Behind them, the Chasers race, using their speed, maneuverability, and power-ups to overtake, in turn becoming the next Tracer and attempting to rack up enough points to be crowned the winner.

The playable alpha version is already out on Steam, the innovative game is set for release in mid-2020 in its Premium version.

Claim your free Steam key of the alpha version here.

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Light Trail Rush is reinventing fan-favorite gameplay with the plan to become a groundbreaker in the blockchain community.

The blockchain mechanics will facilitate cross-gaming and leverage the UGC.

Taking Blockchain Mechanics a Step Further

Keeping always in mind our ever so supportive blockchain community and early adopters, we integrated game mechanics using our cryptocurrency NxC.

We created three brand new NFTs in the form of holograms which players can add to any of their ships. You may charge or supercharge with NxC, the holos will radiate bigger and brighter. Players would have then created a new NFT, which they may sell on the marketplace.

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Octopus hologram

A playable alpha version is already out on Steam,

Claim your free Steam key of the alpha version here.

Light Trail Rush is set for release in mid-2020 in its Premium version.

Join Light Trail Rush Discord.

Matic Network: A Scaling Solution for Light Trail Rush

We are integrating Matic Network to Scale LTR using its Layer 2 Scaling Solution.

Its state-of-art technology means cheaper and faster transactions for our players. Matic achieves scaling by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.

LTR NFTs will be seamlessly accessible in-game with fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions on the sidechain built by Matic Network. There will be no additional action needed on players end.

Technical Bits: It’s an Adapted version of Plasma Framework

The system ensures liveliness using PoS checkpoints which are pushed to the Ethereum mainchain. This enables a single Matic sidechain to theoretically achieve more than 60,000 transactions per second, and possibly millions of transactions across multiple chains in the future. It is using an adapted version of Plasma framework that provides a solution for faster and low-cost transactions with finality on Ethereum.

More on B2Expand

B2Expand is an indie video game studio created in January 2017 following a successful ICO. Stemming from a space game project, Beyond the Void, B2Expand was the first French studio to have leveraged the blockchain technology in the early days of the space.

Organically, the blockchain is in our DNA. We believe the technology will benefit the players and bring new dynamics in the game industry.

Recognised for our innovative spirit, we were selected to take part in the first season

of the start-up program run by Ubisoft in partnership with Station F.

  • October 2018: we shipped our first title, Beyond the Void, on Steam.
  • December 2018: we released Nexarium on Android, our corporate shop with a marketplace running on the blockchain. Nexarium was part of our internal research programme.
  • June 2020: Official release of the Premium version of Light Trail Rush (currently in its alpha version).

Our ambition and passion are to make a cool great game for “conventional” gamers who will be bound to want to convert to the blockchain. Our dream is to offer the best gaming mechanics so that the player’s experience of the blockchain is seamless yet, empowering, with ownership and cross-gaming of their digital assets.

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