The poetry of Copacabana in black and white

Had ocean been my confidant
 I’d have given it
 All of my truths for safekeeping
Tales I would have written
 Of seashells picking girls on beaches
 Whose golden bodies were
 Like isles of dreamland
 But whose fates were
 Like lines drawn in sand.
Had ocean been my confidant
 I’d have given it
 All my loneliness
 I’d have walked with the wind
 Clasping its finger in my fist
 On distant paths
 From whence no one comes back!
Had ocean been my confidant
 I’d have given it all my depths
 Stepping into its limitless
 Blue bosom
 I’d have made earth into my bark
 Sky into my sails
 I’d have made the woeful moment
 Of separation
 A connecting link between you and me.
Had ocean been my confidant!
Naseer Ahmed Nasir

On a cloudy May afternoon, Copacabana was exhaling poetry. The chaotic colors of the summer were long forgotten. The day was placid gray in contrast with the agitated sea. The waves danced forming beautiful foam patterns. A fresh breeze embraced me.

The fisherman, who had been in the sea all morning, now brought their boats to land and fishnets to rest. They were selling their catch in the fish market. The surfers were the only ones in the water facing the waves. They would enter the sea defiant with their surfboards in hand only to be thrown away to land again and again.

There was a comforting feeling of peace that only the sound of the waves can bring.

Originally published at Hip Tripper.