It’s okay to feel bleh.

There’s been plenty of articles I’ve read discussing ways to cope with depression, anger, or any emotion that we find negative. They’ve been good reads with helpful information guiding ways to fight . I can’t say that I have experienced clinical depression, but I know when I feel more down than other days. I guess today is one of those shitty days, you know the ones that feel more fucked up than others.

Here’s what I’ve learned through the journey of reading these “5 ways to get over depression” or “10 methods to becoming a happier, better you”. Sometimes, that stuff just doesn’t work. Here’s the takeaway that I got.

Sometimes, it’s better to just soak it in, just inhale it like a breath of fresh air. (I’m not talking about clinical depression. That’s a whole other story, one I am not certified to tackle.) I’m talking about those days when you feel let down, beat up, or just straight up fucking tired. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, drained.

People always commented on my expression if I weren’t smiling, asking if I were feeling okay or why I look so sad. No, nothing is wrong. Everything is honestly great — I just can’t be smiling all the time. My cheekbones would hurt and the edge of of my lips would stretch into the Joker’s. Well, that’s not really the reason, but honestly, I can’t always be happy even if that’s how my personality radiates and I believe it goes for many people.

Well, I learned to get over it. When I feel depressed, so be it. Sometimes, I feel like my body is giving me a simple sign to just take a break from everything. Sure there are 1,000 things on my mind just like everyone else, but days like these, I’ve learned it’s best to focus on my current state and just take a break from crazy, even if crazy can eventually lead to madness. I’d rather have a bit of madness than total chaos.

So maybe, this little down time is a wall that will prevent me from running into chaos.