New Year, New Me — Ain’t so new.

With every new year comes the handful of inspired people who claim, “ New year, new me”. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that idea, nor should we shit on those people, but my take on the new year is a bit different this year. I used to be among those people, screaming “New Year, New Me” (only in my personal journal, of course). So, I re-evaluated this whole “new” phrase that everyone seemed to cling onto year after year.

I suddenly stumbled across a thought.

Yes, it is a new year and yes, people have new goals or old goals to take a stab at again. In my perspective, I thought of it like this. New year, New me? Not so much. 2015 is and was great, but I know 2016 can and will be greater. So, not new year, new me, but a better year for a better me.

The idea of a “new me” never stuck to me. Maybe it was because “new me” had a more negative implication rather than a positive one.

When I think of new, I think of something that never existed before, something that was created or introduced for the first time. We all know that we are not new to this world or this upcoming year, but instead, just improved or improving. The idea of new to me seemed like I had to trash the old me or forget about my past self in order to discover a fresh start, a so-called never before seen me. But, I don’t want that. I don’t want to be the pre-packaged Barbie doll that no child has ever played with. I want to be the hand me down Barbie that went from an older sister to her youngster sister. The same doll, just placed in a different perspective taking on unconventional roles for an extra-ordinary, or even a better experience.

I like the me that I was in 2015, and there’s no reason to throw my past and myself away to “start fresh”. I love who I was in 2015 and what I did in 2015, and for 2016, I’m not seeking for a new me, but a better me to unravel.