Life Experience related to Abdul Sattar Edhi’s life

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a personality who is well known. He was not from a very strong background we find different examples from his autobiography that how he just started for his progress. Edhi sb always reminded him to “start small” because “No labour is an insult “. And he also reminded him “think big” because “it is important to think without limitations, confining ideas stunt potential”. His plan was to just start by selling pencils, matchbox and towels on street and invest that money in company shares and using half of the money for poor.

According to him his friends used to say him, “can’t you change your plans, have you not learnt something new, something bigger?” and he used to reply,” why should I forsake the previous ones when they have not been achieved?” This idea takes him to build the hospital, to make a factory to train and employ the poor and build a village for the handicapped.

I am going to relate a story to Edhi sb’s example which is about starting from a small platform reaching to a certain goal which is bigger. Its all about the hard work, when I was in class two my father died I was a child at that not even knowing that what circumstances I am going to face in future. Its not that worst, my school was changed then I use to go in a government school in which I use to sit on taat for study and it was a very bad experience for me. With the passage of time my mother realised me and my other 4 sisters and 1 brother that we have to do work very hard for ourselves. Because there was a time when our relatives just cut off from us they visited us seldom. We were like isolated from others.

Then one day I thought that I will become an engineer because it was very wish of mother to have doctors and engineers in family. I worked with passion and topped the board in matriculation and I worked really hard not only to become an engineer but to just show my relatives that we are not inferior to them. My one sister is going to be a doctor and I am going to be an engineer. And now I can say that I started from a very little thought and now by self learning I have reached a point that all my relatives come in my home and use to say my mother these girls are the proud of our family. And I have further plan which is bigger but I hope I will complete it one day and the plan is to support orphans. Helping them in their studies and making them able for their future.

One thing that one should always remember that man is the architect of his own fate. So by taking just a step we can achieve our goals but one that I think is must that we should be always positive mind set. And as we have Edhi sb’s example his work was for the welfare and serving mankind he got help from everywhere. Same is the case of mine we just have to apply the rules of progress.