Nobody ever told me how much this was going to hurt.

Sure you kept raving about how much “experience” I had whenever I screwed up and I had to apologise again.

Nobody thought me how to love you, I just made it up on the go.

“Home is not a place. It is where the heart is”

You were my home for three months, now I’m empty

Clutching a bottle of Hennessy, my third different bottle of liqueur this new year; a habit I put down because of you.

Nobody told me that being a good human being and an all round people person would count for shit to the one that really mattered

Nobody told me that being Lord Voldermort and splitting my heart like a hocrux would have you leave me

I never did a lot of things wrong, I just did one thing wrong all the time.

It’s been 7 days, and I keep resisting the urge to text and call you — that’s where the alcohol comes in

I could call and say everything you want to hear but I’m broken and half of it would be a lie

I was a closed book, yet nobody told me that acknowledging that fact was only step one.

I championed your hustle and various dreams; nobody told me all that was required was 100% honesty at all times.

You were my solace, my escape from this world, my ray of golden sunshine, hope and comfort; like the name I never agreed to call you.

However like voldermort I split my heart, feelings and personality by being another person around you.

Nobody told me how best to love you till you did

Now I have lost you and as I take this last swig of henny, I wish I could text you one more time.

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