Ava & BloxRoute

SF Blockchain Week post #10


Emin Gun Sirer talks about both BloxRoute and Avalanche as layer 0 and layer 1 scaling solutions.


The work presented is existing and covers both layer 0 networking and layer 1 consensus. The claim that Avalanche is the third major consensus mechanism of the last 4–5 decades in a major statement. Will be very interesting to watch the development of this project.


The promise


Every finance company is working on Blockchain

10 billion in ICO

Dnm operators with boe at the table

More songs about bitcoins than google, Facebook, and free software

Big gap between the dream and reality

A payment system?

A store of value?

Leaks 300 m of value annually

A decentralized system?

19 mining entities in bitcoin

11 mining entities in ethereum

21 bps in EOS

Alibaba is 325,000 tps

Cryptokitties brought ethereum down for about a week

Preserve decentralization

Scaling at the network layer

The forgotten layer 0

Bloxroute addresses scaling at the network layer

Like Akamai, but for small, timely, high value data, with many sources and sinks


Akamai play

Propagates 100x less data using internal caching, cut through routing, end to end encryption

Consensus Protocol

Lamport and liskov

After 15–17 rounds, everyone will have the same colors

No miners