CryptoEconomics Mental Models

SF Blockchain Week post #7


Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Poon, and Karl Floersch take the stage to talk about the latest development with Ethereum.


Ethereum core community seems to be making consistent progress although no timeline for scaling was discussed in this panel.


Plasma cash

Ethereum core side is good, more little problems on efficiently

Inter Blockchain and inter state communications

Onchain governance is scary

Most onchain voting is vulnerable to attacks

Atomic swaps in general

Not enough people working in this space

People are working on projects that seem to be consumer facing but it’s very early stages

A lot of crypto economics really works if it peer to peer oracles

Decentralized oracles

Everyone is assuming it

Very under researched right now

On boarding people into the space is very important

Working on bit torrent

Channel over plasma

You can run channels on top of plasma

Idea of central depositors to automatically update transactions

But does it really scale up

Slowly being more pessimistic about DAO

Governance that’s vulnerable to bribery and collusion


In favor of proof of stake 99%, and 1% proof of work

Generate proofs

We don’t confirmation bias each other

Think separately

Read separately