Glen Weyl: Radical Markets

SF Blockchain Week post #9


Glen Weyl presents a new way to structure markets so that it is not dominated by inequality and massive powerful monopolistic organizations.


Honestly this talk was so mind bending that I didn’t really take good notes (because I was too busy being mind warped), so you’ll have to read his book. Both of their books and articles.


Market Topia


Henry George

Continue to develop as mechanism design

Reshaping the world

Common ownership self assess tax

7% or so on average

And stand ready to sell the asset at the price

$24,000 for every family

Quadratic voting

Pool of vote tokens

But extremists can’t dominate

Cost is square of vote

Visas between individual program

Stake in seeing more migration

Stake in migrants

Dismembering the Octopus

Data as Labor

Treat our data as labor

Is the world ready?


Who owns the future

Jaron Lanier

Taking victory seriously, not literally

No democratic layer, identity layer, payment layer,

Rule of private property but not democratic governance

Individuals need to form into intermediate layers

We need bubble to get collective organization

What gives you the bell curve