Harmony: Open Consensus for 10 Billion

SF Blockchain Week post #8


Dr. Stephen Tse introduces Harmony, a high performance blockchain aiming to serve as the global consensus platform for 10 billion people in the (future) world.


A strong vision for blockchain technology for everyone. Harmony is focused on unifying the best existing research and put it into production. With a team that has built large infrastructure from Google, Apple, Amazon, they have the perspective to build a next generation high performance blockchain protocol.


Bring research result to production!

Go to 100k nodes

Smart contract sharding

Can you separate execution with verification

Can we scale to 10 billion people and 100 billion devices

Can we iterate without lawyers

Can smart contract be safe, easy, fast

Java virtual machine makes web applications so boringly reliable for teams of 100+ developers

Run time checks maintain global constraints, termination, resource consumption, balance flow

Formal verification via dependent types, twelf, proverif, coq, guarantees hacker proof before deploy

Writing contracts, as easy as python

Minimal syntax, human have limited cognitive focus on abstractions such as invariants and isomorphism

Functional and process calculations to avoid managing states, type inference as theorem proving to tame structures and complexity

Understand the theories behind dependencies and parametricity versus fat languages

Running contracts as fast as ocaml

Rust engineers, Protocol researchers, compiler writers