Oasis Labs

SF Blockchain Week post #6


Oasis Labs is building privacy first blockchain and application stack. After raising ~$45m, this is one of their first public talks detailing the latest technical roadmap.


Very impressive talk. Dawn proactively addresses some of the questions around relying on secured execution environment by going open sourced. Oasis has designed a very holistic vision for privacy first blockchain, on both the chain layer and application layer.


Dawn Song

Privacy first cloud computing platform on Blockchain

Data is the new oil

Largest scale data breaches

Most data is siloed

Users are losing control of their data

Internet bill of rights

Oasis, security and privacy, high performance, machine learning

Smart contract for fraud detection

Privacy Preserving smart contract

Application layer and platform layer for oasis

Platform confidentiality preserving smart contract execution

Trusted hardware

Secure multi party computation

Zero knowledge proof

Fully homomorphic encryption

Scalable smart contract execution

Application layer,

Secure hardware

Trusted execution environment

Ekiden, Secure Enclave as a cornerstone security primitive

Open source design

Keystone, open source Secure Enclave

Risc V architecture

Privacy preserving machine learning

Can attackers extract secrets in training data

Preventing memorization

Outcome is the same with or without joes data

No previous real world deployment

Need better usability, broad support, easy integration

Scalable smart contract execution

Scalability is more than just high tps for payment transactions

Consensus is a slow operation

Sharding, coordination is expensive

Separate consensus from execution

Verifiable computing