ThunderCore: A High Performance Protocol With Testnet and Demo Apps

SF Blockchain Week post #1


Thunder is a high speed blockchain protocol with a testnest deployed in August. At SF Blockchain Week, the team demonstrated a chat app call Thunder Chat that is faster and more cost efficient than other decentralized chat apps.


The chat interface looks very old school and how can someone use this on mobile? The technology demo is very cool so now it’s a question of how to bring these apps to a more user friendly


What is Thunder

100x faster than Ethereum, 1000x cheaper

1000+ TPS live on testnet for Ethereum smart contracts

block confirmation time in seconds

sub-cent transaction cost

full compatibility with Ethereum Smart Contract

Consensus PoS with variable committee size, hundreds of voting nodes running on public testnet

Chat Dapp


-slow txn confirmation — 15 seconds to send a message

-high txn cost


-near instant txn confirmation

-negligible txn cost


-high cost @ 0.3 eth to deploy our chat smart contracts


-minimal switch cost — add thunder network in “truffle.js”

-a fraction of the time and negligible cost to deploy the exact same smart contracts