Harmony Community,

As many of you know, the growth of Harmony recently has challenged the network in many ways. We acknowledge that we failed in two critical points:

  1. Our infrastructure wasn’t resilient enough to handle the increase in transaction volume.
  2. We didn’t communicate early enough or as often as we needed to.

We know we could’ve done a better job at communicating with the community about the issues, what we’re doing about it, and an ETA on when things will be fixed. This post will start to do that.

What are the specific issues and how it affects users:

This year, the Harmony Foundation is set to kickstart multiple decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). These DAOs are fully owned by the community and will be responsible for managing up to $10m ONEs to drive decentralized governance and growth of Harmony’s network, product, marketing and more.

So far, the Harmony Foundation has announced the first two DAOs for validators and community. The Validator DAO, with its initial counsel soon to be elected, will support the growth of Harmony’s network and the Community DAO, soon to be kicked off formally, will drive community onboarding and engagement.

Going forward, the Harmony Foundation will…

Harmony ONE token is now integrated with Simplex, the leading fiat infrastructure provider, to make ONE token available for secure and global purchases on harmony.one/buy.

Our goal from Day ONE was to build Harmony for everyone, and today we mark another step towards making ONE accessible worldwide.

Users can purchase ONE directly with their credit or debit cards as well as via bank transfers, to use the token within the Harmony ecosystem.

Simplex has partnered with 350+ platforms including Trust Wallet, Trezor, Binance and Bitpay.

Learn more by reading the details and user guide below.

To buy ONE, go to harmony.one/buy:

  1. Select the amount of Harmony…

Harmony kept building strong momentum in February. Most importantly, we completed full Ethereum tooling compatibility to allow developers to scale their applications on Harmony with low fees.

Read on for the rest of our ecosystem, partnership, and media highlights:

🚀 Ecosystem Product Launches

We launched full compatibility with Ethereum tools including Metamask, Web3.js, ethers.js, Truffle and Remix. We showcase Harmony as a scaling solution for Ethereum versus layer 2 solutions in a technical deep dive.

At ETHDenver, we hosted a workshop doing a live porting of an Ethereum app. We demonstrated how any developer can port an app to Harmony with the same Ethereum…

At Harmony, one of our goals is to give as many people access to using decentralized applications as possible.

Today, we are excited to introduce another way for users to get ONE tokens using Wyre. Users can buy ETH and then use Harmony’s bridge with Ethereum and decentralized exchange (DEX) to swap ONEs. After a user buys ETH using Wyre on Metamask, they can bridge their ETH over to a wrapped version of 1ETH on Harmony and then have the option to swap it to native ONEs on Swoop.

We are delighted that Wyre has built the infrastructure for transitioning…

The Harmony Foundation aims for transparency to our community. The goal of this report is to keep the community informed of how the Foundation is using its resources to build the Harmony ecosystem.

The Q1 2021 transparency report is our first report and will cover the Foundation’s activity up to Dec 31, 2020. Our block explorer is available to anyone to review token transactions on Harmony.

Our token unlock schedule is fully transparent and public at harmony.one/unlock. This unlock schedule encompasses all 12.6 …

Collect Beast Quest NFTs to earn additional ONE staking rewards

We are delighted to announce the first official Beast Quest NFT chest sale on Harmony! We’ve teamed up with Animoca Brands and its mobile game Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes to offer limited edition Beast Quest collectible cards with potential for additional staking rewards, powered by the Harmony blockchain.


  • The Beast Quest Chest Sale starts Friday, 15 January at 10am Pacific time and ends 29 January 2021 at https://harmony.one/beastquest
  • Players can buy and collect official Beast Quest NFT collectibles to earn ONE staking reward
  • Each chest is priced at 250 ONE and contains 2,400 gems, 730 VIP points, and a random…

Exclusive For Harmony: Swap, Hold ONE & Earn SFP

Harmony and SafePal are partnering on a Holding Challenge campaign to kick off the new year. We are planning for more future collaboration so be on the look out for those announcements to come.

SafePal the first and only crypto hardware wallet backed and invested by Binance has launched its token (Read the official announcement). SFP, issued on the Binance Smart Chain, represents a new milestone for the SafePal team being the first tokenized hardware wallet within the crypto space. SafePal and its ecological partners invite you to join us on the brand-new journey.

In January, up to 500–1000 SFP…

Harmony ONEs!

While 2020 was a year of new changes for all of us, the Harmony team focused on delivering a strong foundation for our network and ecosystem. We are grateful for the engagement and support of our validators, stakers, developers, grantees and collaborators for a fruitful year.

Here we look back on our 2020 milestones and progress on the Harmony Network, our engagement with the broader Blockchain Ecosystem, and our support for Developers & Application Partners.

For those of you who are new to Harmony, you can learn more from our website and documentation and join our Discord


  • We announced an exciting hackathon 👉 Go here to register for it 👈
  • This article describes our “wish list” of applications we’d love to see developers at the hackathon build.

Harmony is excited to bring the Horizon ONE-ETH bridge and community Swoop cross-chain DEX as open platforms for developers to build upon. Our mainnet has 5-second finality and EVM compatibility. Combined with the Horizon bridge, developers can seamlessly port dApps and liquidity.

For this hackathon, we are looking to build our ecosystem in 3 major categories:

  1. Cross-chain infrastructure
  2. Decentralized finance showcases
  3. Fiat utility products

In the coming days, we’ll also…

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