People Should Not Be Forced To Die For Science

The morality of using embryos for stem cell research is a highly debated topic. It is hard to determine whether or not its morally wrong to use embryos in experiments considering that no one has the ability to factually conclude whether or not an embryo should be considered a life. People who believe that embryos should be considered a life are amused by fact that we as a developed society and are still using embryos for stem cell research. In their view points it difficult for them to understand how others do not see the connection between an embryo and a baby. To them it’s a simple stream of events, an embryo will become a fetus and then a fetus will become a baby, so if you are killing the embryo and allowing it be destroyed then you are killing the baby by not allowing the baby to be born. Also we are killing these embryos for selfish reasons, their murders are being conducted just because we want to use their life to better the lives of the currently living. Not only is using a potential fetuses and future babies for our own selfish benefits immoral, its also out dated. Scientist have developed methods to use other types of stem cells that wont endanger anybody’s life or violate anyone’s rights, yet we still have people that are willing to argue that using embryotic stem cells is the best resource we have.

The main reason that embryonic stem cell is so popular compared to other forms of stem cell research is because of the possibility’s that embryonic stems have that other types of stem cells do not. Embryonic stem cells are a type of stem cells that hold properties such as being nonspecific, meaning that these cells have the ability to perform the function of many different types of cells, and existing in a surplus amount unlike somatic stem cells. Supporters against embryonic stem cells have a good argument against why embryonic stem cells used to be the best form of stem cells to use for research and is currently out of date. A Japanese scientist has created a way to induce pluripotecy in adult stem cells, making them function as embryonic stem cells would. This method of stem cell research is actually superior to taking embryonic stem cells from some woman who has donated them and using those stem cells for research. Through using these modified adult stem cells scientists can ensure that there is no rejection during the experiment. For normal embryonic stem cell research there is a chance of rejection, since the stem cells has come from another person. Using this technique allows researcher to take stem cells from the test subject to preform the experiments, which eliminates the possibility of the body attacking the stem cells. With this advancement in medicine we are able to use adult stem cells instead of embryonic stem cells. It would also be a lot simpler to use this method of stem cell research, there would be no controversy on stem cell research, making it easier for the people who are pro stem cell research to get the information that they wanted about the diseases that they are trying to cure. If we continue to use embryonic stem cells for research, we are just wasting these embryos and frivolously using them for no good reason. Before it might have been arguable that through using these potential human we are able to help actually people with actually illness, but now this method is obsolete compared to the new found method of using adult stem cells.

It is understandable where the people who are against stem cell research are coming from when they say that embryonic stem cell is immoral, because they are using the lives of others to better the lives of the masses. In their point of view, they see a straight line from the creation of an embryo to the development and birth of a child. The ends do not justify the means, meaning that whatever the end product of using stem cell research might be, no mater how great the research might come out to be, it does not make killing an embryo morally right. Even if embryonic stem cells were able to cure multiple disease and allowed paralyzed people to walk, it can justify that we are taking away a child’s right to live. It doesn’t make sense that just because an embryo isn’t as developed as a baby that it does not have the right not have research kill it. At what development point does a person get to receive their civil rights and not be seen as a ball of cells? Its morally wrong to arbitrarily assign a stage that humans get to be declared human.

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