I’m not a Zuckerberg at my 30!

image courtesy: http://gumballpromotions.co.uk/

In today’s world where anyone would crave to be part of the billionaire league, let me make this bold statement — I’m not a Zuckerberg at my 30!

“Look at you, Mark Zuckerberg has become a billionaire at your age!!!” Sounds disturbing? You might have faced such questions in your life that often lowers the pride of your achievements. It’s human tendency to be compared with someone very successful at his job. But sometimes it hits you badly and you loose your confidence to face life. But why are we so obsessed with the billionaire’s story? How can a middle class guy from a developing country be compared with someone like Mark Zuckerberg? The socio-economic scenario, education, advancement of technology and opportunities are different at both ends of the world. Of course, it might spark an inspiration to grow in your career, but you don’t need to compare your achievements with that of someone whose life and circumstances are far apart from yours.

To achieve great heights, set a focused goal for yourself at the beginning of your career. It’s important to look at yourself and your potential. Keep revising the goal at every major milestone in your life or career based on a very honest self-assessment. A self-critical and transparent judgment of yourself will help you identify your positive and negative attributes. Never get disheartened about the areas of improvement, because these help you to realize yourself. Don’t worry about the size of your success because everyone has their own space, possibilities and opportunities in this world. You have to explore it at every turn of your life. Golf GT and Rolls Royce Phantom, both have their own space on the roads.

Still confused about your achievements and success? Ask these questions to yourself:

Have you done justice to the opportunities you’ve received in your life?

Have you done justice to the capabilities you have?

Were you able to reach the peak where you could have been?

If your answer to all of these is a ‘yes’ then go tell the world that you are as successful as Mr. Zuckerberg.