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Clearly “troll” is the pertinent neologism in this case. But I also think, regardless of the quoted trolls take on Milo’s “smarts” vs Trump, that the Trump phenomenon is also rooted in the new internet culture, what we previously might have called “pop culture” but which has, wth the internet, taken a decidedly perverse turn. Trump is half old school, being a broadcast TV brand, which nevertheless gives him a contemporary pop twist that Joseph McCarthy forfeited by way of the truly old school “televised congressional hearings”. Now we have the “populist” president via Twitter.

I was amazingly able, for a long long time, to completely ignore Yiannopolous in the same way I would filter out any Pop singer/entertainer that can’t muster even the most basic level of my attention span. That says, to me, a lot about his “act”. His act only got interesting when the shit hit HIS fan. Going back to Trump, Yiannopolous has a kind of “fame sickness”, he just has to be famous (which he admits in your article), which also seems true for Trump. And while you cite the inexperienced/“immature” level of his followers (put in excellent perspective by the James Baldwin quote) what does that say about Trump supporters in general? Trump also just says shit for the hell of it and his supporters like it because “he speaks his mind”.

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