Blog 7

This weekend on NBC’s Meet the Press Chuck Todd interviewed the secretary of health and human services Tom Price. The interview was centered around the new proposed health care bill that would replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

The first question Todd asked is if the new health care bill, “s an acknowledgement that the health care system can’t be run by the free market alone.” because it retains a lot of the infrastructure from the ACA. When Price countered by saying the ACA is a failure because of the rising costs of health care premiums, Todd posed another question. Is it a failing system if enrollment continues to increase as well? Todd is known as one of the best interviewers in all of political journalism and his detailed follow up questions centered around his subject’s responses ensure that answers are given.

Todd inquires if anyone will be worse off financially once this bill is passed. Price immediately rips the costs of Obamacare, causing Todd to double down on the question in an aggressive manner, “But I notice you ducked the aspect of whether you can guarantee that nobody will be worse off financially”. Price does a good job of explaining the Bill’s main goal which is to create competition. It encourages people to wait until competition drives the cost down and it becomes affordable. Todd counters by saying, “you’re incentivizing folks not to buy health insurance until they actually need it?”.

Discussing health care can be difficult especially if an interviewer has a pre planned agenda. Todd does a terrific job asking questions he had planned before and also asking follow up questions directly related to Price’s response. He is clearly prepared, and does a great job asking Tom Price questions that allow his audience to be educated on the incredibly important topic of health care.

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