Assessment01: photo frame

(Figure 1 Brustalist architecture style)

According to Ezra Stoller’s photographs , his images style pay careful attention to vantage point, lighting conditions and texture. I took a contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light techniques because i think those characteristics are easy to be seen and remembered by people. For example, as figure 1 shown, there are two gates in the picture. In order to highlight the light contrast and texture of the materials , I chose this tower building place and stood this position to take this picture. People may think this building is simple and crude through the exterior of the building, but it normally indicates the special nature of the rooms behind those walls. As we know, this building is UTS Central. Therefore, it is especially to highlight the materials used and reflect the Brutalist Architecture style. Why i took those pictures, the reason is that i focused on comparing of light contrast to compare a building which is used for different materials. And I think this technique of shadow and light is perfectly matches Stoller’s features ,such as, line of sight and black and white color. Overall, I want to show architect or designer how they express their idea creations and how they see the city through the building of design, so i took a series of pictures.

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