Cedric Price ‘ The Fun Palace’

I use “Fun Palace Cedric Price” as my technique of my drawing. In order to know more about Cedric Price concept of architecture design, I borrowed his book from uts library to do some research. Firstly, he was an english architect also wan one of the most influential architectures of the last 20th century. The Fun Palace was designed by the price and their activities are defined by pieces of architecture. Secondly, the fun palace was not builiding in the traditional sense, but was can replace normal machine for daily and was an environment continually interacting and responding to people, importantly adaptable to the change of place and item between the culture and social condition. Thirdly, according to Cedric Price (1963), “Choose what you want to do- or watch someone else doing it.” It means that designer can use a highly detailed sketch, with clean connective lines creating a complex intricacy of shapes to express the building’s form and structure.

Figure 1: Perspective drawing of Cedric Prices “Fun Palace.” University Of Brighton. 2014.

As figure 1 shown, the fun palace through their technique, perspective and shadow drawing to present a sense of real. Also use figures to express what people do respectively, which can strong focus towards the people interacting with the building.

Figure 2. central station, Photo by Kary Lee (06/08/2017)

I chose Central station as my destination and I decided to draw the inner space of the station. Because the central station’ structure is similar to the Fun Palace. (Figure 2)

Figure 3. Redesigned “Fun Palace’’, for central station sketch. Drawing by Kary Lee (06/08/2017)

This is my draft of central station. I pay attention to the draw the foundation of the inner space’s structure by using liens and perspectives from the ground to the ceiling to create a layout which similar to Fun palace.

Figure 4. Redesigned “Fun Palace’’, for central station final. Drawing by Kary Lee (06/08/2017)

This is my final draft. I focused on the station structure and perspective, which can express the Fun palace technique. Also I used line weight to emphasize the shadows. Then I highly drew every single detail from one point of the perspective. In order to make people feel more comfortable and relax, I changed the resting chair to the entertainment facilities which are sofa and tree. Those chair not only can be removed optionally by people, but also give us a huge convenient. Because when we want to have a rest siting on the chair, we can move the chair to anywhere we enjoy it.


Cedric Prices “Fun Palace.” University Of Brighton. 2014. Exemplary Project — Cedric Price. [ONLINE] Available at: FunPalace-cedric-price.jpg. [Accessed 6 August 2017].

Cedric Prices, 1952–2003, A forward-minded retrospective, London Architectural Association Montreal Canadian Centre for Architecture, [2016]

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