Dark Future of Education due to Teachnology Advancement

Likan Patra
Jan 31, 2017 · 5 min read

Education is one of the most important value for a person. In order to make one educated we have an educational system which we all follow. Regular classes, homework, exams, practicals and various subjects have been designed earlier which schools and colleges follow to educate a student.

Before proceeding let me explain the present school education system. The school starts in the morning, proper uniform needed to be maintained, different subjects have different notes and books, 3 to 4 periods of 45 mins and the lunch break followed by 3 more periods. Homework is given by each teacher and everyone have to complete it by next day. Project work is done by the students (actually parents do it at home) and exams are conducted in intervals. Final exam is done at the end of the year and marks is given accordingly. Merit is considered as per the marks achieved and students are promoted to next class. Now a days camera has been installed in classes and e-attendances are being maintained.

Earlier we used to follow all these methods and I guess your parents and their parents also gone through these processes. But I am shocked with the way students presently accepting the system and the methods they use to bypass the system.

When I was in school we merely have the access to telephone or TV. Very limited channels and basic mobile phone that was used by dad which we have access only on holidays. Internet access was a dream and movies was only available in CDs. We used to buy posters of our favorite actor, cricketer or WWF player and post it in our wall and see them everyday. Going to movies only with family and playing with friends everyday at nearby field. In holidays we play from morning till evening and return when our mom scold.

But now a days everything is missing. I tried to analyse the present schedule of a student by following few kids of our near relatives and I was really sad by knowing the way they are getting distracted and the way they are spending time.

The parents give their phone at night so that they can put alarm to wake up early in the morning (we used to have alarm clocks which had loud sounds). In the morning when he wakes up, he puts his earphone and watch few YouTube videos (offline videos). The he studies for an hour or two and gets ready for school. Now a days most family have more smartphones than the total members. So the old smartphones are accessed by the student. Sometime they take the phone to school and sit in the backbench and play online games with friends (as JIO is free now).

During lunch break they share new videos or downloads via SHAREit (it takes very less time to do so). After returning home they watch TV (mostly cartoon shows or cricket matches) followed by tution (where teacher comes late and leaves early). In the evening they watch 2–3 TV series with their mom and study for an hour. Then they have dinner by watching TV and then go to sleep.

You must have seen similar schedules if you have any young kids near you. In parties or festivals the phone always will be with these kids. They take selfies, YouTube, movies, songs, games etc are only things they do. Rich parents give their phone to their kids so that they enjoy their time and poor kids demand their parents to buy a new smsrtphone so that they can have access too.

I was also ok with this becuase when the students will have poor mark then their parents will block usage of all these stuffs. But now I found something else which is really surprising for me.

My young cousin showed me this app known as PhotoMath. You write a math equation on a piece of paper, open the app, scan it and BOOM. You get the answer of the problem and if you want you can know the steps used to solve it.

I tried to give some complex questions but it gave the answer instantly. It was really mind blowing for me as I saw so much tech advancement and use of AI in mobile apps.

Then he showed me another app which he uses. It’s known as Physics Solver.

There are lots of categories which explains the details such as vectors, projectile, gravity etc. And there is a section known as solver where when we input values it gives the result with the steps used to solve the problem. He said that his friends also use that app when their physics teacher gives homework to them.

Then he showed me the app named Chemistry Advisor.

Just write the question and it will show you the result of the reaction in an instant with all the steps.

Similar with the geometry app which gives the value n solution of all geometry shape problems-

Just insert the value of a & b and it replies with all the parameters.

I was really surprised by exploring these apps. First I was excited with the app but later when I saw about how students are misusing it. They take mobile phone to the school and college during exam and tests and simply copy the answers.

Every coin have two sides. One positive and another negative. Whatever AI or technology used in these apps are useful for the future but if currently students will use it in this way then there will be no future for them. Atleast till 12th standard the parents must be very serious for their studies because that’s the basement of their future education. If they learn properly till that then whatever they want to study after that it will not be a problem.


Likan Patra

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