How do I utilise my Smartphone?

I started using smartphones in 2013. Before that when I was in college, I was using basic phone with only 2G GPRS facility. Currently I am using Lenovo K5 Note. My parents always ask me why do I have my phone all the time? I always show them the apps which I use and the way it helps me in my daily life.

Here I am listing the Tools and apps which I use in my Smartphone-

I use an app known as aPaper to write and make some basic calculations which replace the use of paper and pen-

The SBI app is very useful as I can do all my bank works such as sending money, checking balance, mini statement etc directly from the phone-

I personally like this app because it’s easy to use simple app my our govt for digital transactions.

Calculator was the most utilising app even on basic phones-

Google calender have actually helped me remember the bday of all my friends and family members. Scheduling calenders and events are really helpful. It sync only so that we can make changes on laptop also.

This is most used app my today’s youths. Loads of apps are there which add tons of effects to the camera.

Web browser- since I am using smartphones, more than 70% of my web surfing is done on phone browser.

This is really life saving in the morning. Alarms inbuint in smartphones are very useful.

I don’t use this much but still helpful when I choose the direction to sleep when I am out.

Social networks are so fast n optimised that I love using on phones. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora etc all on phone

Sometimes I use it as an external harddisk. When I have to take a big file from friends computer then I use the phone for it.

Gaana- the music app which run on my phone most of the time. Free streaming of latest, old, English, Hindi, devotional etc.

Gmail- I forgot when I have used Gmail on mobile last time.

IRCTC app- fast and easy ticket booking system.

JIO TV- All TV channels online, fast streaming on JIO networks.

JIO News or Google News both helps me to get all the latest news updates on phone instantly.

Justdial app- Helps for finding what I search for locally.

Google Keep- really helpful app for me for keeping notes. Easy, fast and sync online.

Google Maps- I don’t ask for routes most of the time when I go to new places. This app helps me during my journey.

Paytm- I forgot when I did my phone recharge by visiting a local store. Paytm and FreeCharge are the apps which does that.

Flashlight- I don’t need to tell anything about the app.

Pocket- the saves webpages offline and I can see those when I don’t have internet connections.

Quora- my most visited social network app on phone.

I haven’t used radio on phone much but when I go to their states I use it for local radios.

This helps when I want to spy someone’s discussion or want to record phone calls.

Uber- I have deleted all the contacts of local taxi drivers. This app I use when required.

The all in one PDF reader, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation app. WPS reader works really awesome.

YouTube app is my second search engine after Google.

WhatsApp is the most have app when someone buys a new smartphone.

These are the apps which I use on my phone. Other than these I have few more apps which I use sometime.

The best part which I love using this Android Smartphone is that it doesn’t crash till date. I download lots of stuffs, apps, videos etc still it works smoothly.