Sisters and Happiness: The Connection

Likan Patra
Apr 1, 2017 · 2 min read

When someone see me and my sister, they ask ‘Is she you own sister?’. I love this question when someone ask me because I like to explain the reason behind it. This is a genuine questions because we both are almost opposite in Color complex.

Last week in a party someone asked me the question and I answered, we have a difference in Color because before I born my mom’s accidentally ate Black Ink color so I popped out black but during my sister she didn’t ate any Color so she became fairer.

Everyone love their Siblings. They fight, they tease, they help each other and do lots of stuffs. My sister if younger than me and way more fairer than me. When some one says that I am darker, she suddenly gets angry and start scolding him.

The best part of having a Sibling is that they are really good in keeping secrets. We both have lots of secrets which no one known other than we both. Whenever she want to share something she calls me and ask me to meet so that she can say me. While having problems also I am the one whom she will tell and ask for solutions.

My sister cooks very good. Occasionally she helps my mom in cooking special dishes. That’s why I don’t prefer having food outside because at home she cooks so well that I forget eating outside.

Likan Patra

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