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Angular ReactiveForms give us immense capabilities with its robust API, but the learning curve can be a bit steep from plain old template-driven forms that many are used to. This quick guide will explain Angular’s form elements and how to combine them, nest them, and dynamically create them in almost any scenario.

First, it’s important to know about AbstractControl, the class extended across most of the form elements we’ll be working with. It has multiple properties that manage everything from the validity state to what the parent element may be, and methods that allow us to mark the state of the control(touched, untouched, dirty, etc), enable/disable the control, get the value, set the value, etc. …

To the women attacking the women who chose to march, calling us special snowflakes and elitists …

In a lot of ways, I am so happy for you. I am so grateful you’ve never been a victim of sexual violence. I’m so glad you’ve never been humiliated after, and felt so powerless and devalued that you can barely function.

I’m happy that you’ve never been faced with a pregnancy where doctors have told you your child will live a short painful life before their untimely death. …

How Do You Prepare Girls for Sexism in the Tech Industry?

I have a friend from high school, Anna*. We were in a lot of the same classes together. She was smart, funny, considerate, an amazing singer and was great at doing hair and makeup.

Anna went to a cosmetology school for hair, and when she graduated she landed a job at a salon. She gave good cuts, began to build a clientele and continued improving her skills. Some of the girls at her salon were catty, gossiped about her, and made her feel unwelcome. Unfortunately, her boss was catty as well, would cut her hours, schedule her for bad shifts and give her poor reviews. …


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